What to Look for in a Sports Management Degree Program

If you’ve decided to enter the bustling world of sports management, congratulations. This occupation is one in which you will stay extremely busy, and if you have a family, you need to go ahead and realize you won’t have much time to spend with them. On the upside, sports managers tend to make a great amount of money, and with a great passion for sports, sports managers tend to testify they find much job satisfaction. Let’s take a close look at how to pick the best sports management program.

Picking the Best Sports Management Program

Choosing the best program is very simple. All you need is a bit of common sense and good research skills. No matter the program you choose to enter into, the number one thing to look for is accreditation. If you end up completing a program that isn’t accredited, you very well may end up with a degree that is of no value in the working world. Beyond accreditation, there is location. If you live in Boston, you can’t take classes in Las Vegas, unless of course the courses are offered via the Internet. You need to remember that most sports management degree programs will require you to take part in an internship before being allowed to graduate. The best spots to acquire such internships include:

– Boston
– New York
– Los Angeles

If you have the ability to complete your degree program in one of these cities, you need to jump on the chance. Your main goal should be trying to land an internship at a Division I school. Apart from all of this, however, there is always the factor of cost that you will need to take into consideration when choosing the best sports management program. If you can’t afford a $30,000/semester school, you will have to opt for one with lower tuition rates.

Sports Management Degree Programs

There are three basic levels of sports management degree programs:

– Associate’s
– Bachelor’s
– Master’s

Let’s take a close look at each of them.

Associate’s Degree Program

An associate-level program in sports management is not offered by most schools; however, it is possible to find business administration associate-level programs that offer a concentration in sports management. With this type of degree, a person is likely to land an entry-level job as a:

– Media consultant
– Athletic marketing assistant
– Sports associate manager
– Equipment manager

The topics covered during an associate’s program would include:

– Intro to sports management
– General accounting
– Principles of economics
– Sports media
– Principles of management
– Communications in business
– Athletic facility management

Bachelor’s Degree Program

Unlike the associate-level program, which takes about two years to complete, a bachelor’s degree in sports management will take around four years to earn. Upon graduating, however, there will be many more career opportunities for you, with some of the more common career titles being that of a:

– School athletic director
– Sports shop owner
– Sports agent
– Athletic event planner
– Sports camp director

The topics you will study during a bachelor’s program will include:

– Managing risk in sports environments
– Sports laws
– Advanced athletic facilities management
– Fundraising strategies
– Sports psychology

Master’s Degree Program

If you choose to continue your education and earn a master’s degree, you will acquire a much more in-depth knowledge relating to the topics that you have already studied during your undergraduate program. With a master’s degree, however, you are more likely to land a job working with a Division I team, which means your pay will probably exceed more than $75,000 a year. A master’s degree will take you about one to three years to earn in addition to your undergraduate degree.

When you go about choosing a degree program, remember that the best one for you will depend on your career aspirations as well as the amount of time that you can devote to school.