People with a lifelong love of sports are often drawn to pursuing a career in that field and are seeking information about opportunities outside of performing as an athlete. The path to finding a job in sports management can be confusing and overwhelming. At Sports Management Degree Hub, we are here to help current and prospective students identify career tracks and match them up with fulfilling degree programs at accredited institutions to set them on the way to reach their long-term goals. It is our mission to help you maximize your unique skills and interests in a way that leads to rewarding work by being properly educated for specific jobs and knowledgeable about the industry as a whole.

The good news is the field of sports management is exploding with potential. While many sports management students have their eyes on careers as sports agents, there are a host of other career opportunities available, including front office positions with professional and college teams, event management, facilities direction, personal fitness entrepreneurship, sports economics, public relations, and recreational sports business. The key to landing a job in one of these areas is earning a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree in sports management. Different career paths require specialized coursework, such as finance, statistics, law, broadcasting, marketing, and human resources. And attending a top-ranked school that is recognized in the industry is vital.

Because we want to give you a full picture of the field at large, Sports Management Degree Hub provides information on industry trends, membership organizations, salaries, and how to compete in the job market. We tell you where the greatest concentrations of jobs are and where to live to optimize your chances of finding work. If you are just starting to consider a career in sports management, we help you understand the requirements for bachelor’s degree programs and offer college rankings for the best curricula. For students already enrolled as sports management majors or studying related subject matter, we maintain a list of top graduate degree programs, including online institutions, as well as provide advice about internships, which are extremely helpful in working into full-time, paid positions. You can be already building your skill set and network of references and connections before you even graduate.

Having a sports management degree and completing an internship are just the start. Knowing the stepping stones to a desired career is important too. While many people would love to work as the general manager of a major league team, it takes years of experience in budgeting, recruiting, contract negotiation, and human resource allocation to reach that level. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of gratifying and interesting jobs along the way that can provide that kind of background. You may even discover a whole new career on the path to your initial goal. Many sports management graduates find great satisfaction in working with youth clubs, camps, and high school athletic departments while pursuing the dream of running a professional team. Sports Management Degree Hub assists you in knowing what’s out there and how to get it.

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