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The Top 10 Online Sports Management Master's Degree Programs - Sports Management Degree Hub

The Top 10 Online Sports Management Master's Degree Programs

The Top 10 Online Sports Management Master’s Degree Programs

10_sports_management-01The field of Sports Management is one which is designed for fast-paced, intuitive, and business savvy people looking to make a name for themselves in the sports industry. With the economy still struggling a bit and a significant increase in the competition for the lucrative and exclusive jobs in this field, the best way for anyone to separate him or herself from the pack is to obtain a Master’s Degree.

Featured Sports Management Programs


  • Online Support Services (1/2): online support services including online tutoring, counseling, number of concentrations, academic support, career placement, and so forth.
  • Affordability (1/2): the affordability of online programs as measured by the estimated out-of-state tuition per credit hour rate.

The following is a comprehensive list of the top online programs for obtaining a sports management master’s degree. These schools are ranked through analyzing publicly available data, taking into account job prospects for graduates, cost of tuition, and overall academic quality of the program.

1. Saint Leo University

Finally, our number one which goes to Saint Leo University. Providing an MBA with a concentration in Sports Management, Saint Leo gives students valuable knowledge in sports ethics, law, management, and marketing. Coursework is demanding and the rewards based on post-grad surveys are remarkable. Students are often recruited for jobs after they graduate and have wonderful post-graduation options. Admissions are holistic and competitive, meaning a degree from Saint Leo should carry significant weight with companies and job recruiters.
Why is Saint Leo University our number one?

  • Highly Ranked Program
  • Helpful and renowned staff
  • Collaborative and engaging environment
  • Amazing job prospects

$673.15 per credit hour

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2. Liberty University

The runner up on this list should come as no surprise. Not only does Liberty have a Sports Management degree program, but it has a great online school for everything else as well! Liberty is a school that is paving the way for how professionals will gain knowledge online in the future. With over 80,000…yes 80,000 students in its various online programs, the breadth of its offerings are paramount. Liberty prepares students for careers in sports marketing, broadcasting, and venue management. Students report great success during their studies and afterwards.

$465- $505 per credit hours

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3. Lasell College

When it comes to prestige on this list, Lasell has a hard time being beat. It is a small, liberal arts college that has taken the opportunity to diversify and offer degrees in Sports Management. With Lasell, you get the close interaction of a small college with the knowledge and expertise of a large university. Students are required to complete the core curriculum and then branch off into specific and intense concentrations which will take them into such aspects of sports management as sales, intercollegiate athletics, and arena management.

$575 per credit hour

4. Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU might not be the most well known name on our list, but it’s sports management program is top notch. Focusing on athletic administration and international sports management, SNHU has been able to cut the cost of its program not by being a Jack of All Trades, but rather a master of a few. Students of this small college enjoy the responsiveness of educators and the lack of red tape with administration. With no GMAT requirement, SNHU is accessible to most students and is a great option for those looking to gain a Sports Management degree.

$627 per credit hour

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5. Drexel University

Mr. Drexel was noted to be one of the many partners of famous industrialist, JP Morgan. With this, he founded Drexel University, which is now regarded as a top 50 business school in many rankings and many academic circles. Be it with its online accounting program or its online Sports Management degree programs, Drexel continues to thrive and shoot through the rankings. Providing concentrations in sports law, media, marketing, and management, Drexel has a program for just about everyone interested in Sports Management.

$1,045 per credit hour

6. Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in America. It has boasted great alumni and has gone on to produce some the brightest minds in business and the humanities. Looking at Old Dominion’s Online Sports Management Degree Program, we are impressed with its depth and its intricacies. This program is regarded as one of the best for a very popular reason, and that is its wide selection of classes and flexible scheduling. A GMAT score of 400 or higher is required with a cumulative 3.0 GPA in undergraduate college.

Approx. $15,000

7. University of the Southwest

University of the Southwest, a Christian liberal arts school, has recently started to provide a Master’s in Sports Management to students via its innovative online system. Students can take classes on their own time and can engage in higher levels of education while still maintaining their current commitments. USW has a respected program that is still growing and is looking for more, qualified applicants for the upcoming semesters. Its program includes basic classes after which students can branch off into specific concentration they would like to focus on. Tuition is very reasonable and job prospects for graduates are very competitive. Admissions are more forgiving than most other colleges, making the possibility of gaining a new degree better for those who didn’t do so well in undergraduate college.

$544 per credit hour

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8. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M is a large, public university that is often regarded as the premier public college of the great state of Texas. Designed to rigorously prepare students for careers in the sports industry, the Masters of Science in Sports Management at Texas A&M is a renowned program. By providing students with hands-on experience and plentiful internships, A&M boasts high job placements for post-grad students. Admissions are based on GPA and prior work experience.

9. Missouri Baptist University

Missouri Baptist is a highly respected, religiously affiliated university located in Middle America. Founded just over six decades ago, it has made a name for itself as a quaint, close-knit college which takes care of its students and provides high quality education at an affordable price. Missouri Baptist offers a powerful program which explores the relationships of the different aspects of sports and which sets up students with meaningful internships and opportunities to prepare them for their post-grad careers. Listed as a “selective” university by US News, Missouri Baptist offers a competitive program which students love and return year after year to enjoy. This university focuses on a holistic approach to admissions and does not have strict testing and GPA cutoffs for admissions.


10. California University of Pennsylvania

Cal U is often revered as the pioneer of online Master’s Degrees in Management. Its Sports Managements program takes place over thirteen months, engaging students with a wide variety of case studies, topics, and sports management related subjects. All students are required to take classed to fulfill the core curriculum, which acts a base when students are asked to choose a concentration in sports management, counseling, or intercollegiate administration. Cal U began a simple Kindergarten to College Academy and has blossomed into a robust institution with a large student body on campus and a widespread online educational presence. Continually ranked among the top online schools, The California University of Pennsylvania is highly recommended by students and professionals alike for a Masters in Sports Management. A minimum of a 3.0 GPA is required for admission.

$8,012 in-state
$11,496 out-of-state

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