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With world-famous destinations like Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston, expect to find a diverse array of people and along with it, a diverse array of sports. As a coastal state, deep sea fishing, diving, surfing, and fishing are all popular among the locals and tourists alike. Though there are no professional franchises in South Carolina, that doesn’t stop some avid fans joining forces with their northernly neighbors- Go Bobcats! Go Hurricanes! Go Panthers! Golf is one of this state’s biggest pride points and is home to some of the most treacherous courses in the nation. There are over 100 golf courses and the Grand Strand region alone has more golf courses per capita than any other place in the country. Lately, some quirky sports have started picking up speed like NASCAR, boogie boarding, and roller derby. With so many interests you can be there are several options for educators, managers, coaches, umpires, and physical therapists.

Currently there are 3 universities in the state of South Carolina offering online degrees in sports management degree fields- careers like sports management, coaching education, nutrition, kinesiology, physical education, and more. Students should be counseled to know that there are many potential ways to enter into sports management fields. Many degree types can give students a variety of unique edges on competition, but it’s for students to choose which degree type is the best for entering into a sports management field or role of their choice. For an in-depth treatment of this subject, check out our degrees page. Or if you already know what degree types your interested in, check out our directory of sports management degrees in South Carolina.

Types of Degrees Surveyed:

  • Sports Management
  • Coaching Education
  • Nutrition
  • Recreation Management
  • Kinesiology
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Physical Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sports Psychology
  • Business Administration: Sports Management

Degree Levels Surveyed:

  • Associates
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctoral Degrees
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Certifications

Career Opportunities

Number of Jobs

Sports management career opportunities in South Carolina represent about 1% of positions available across the nation. Competition is high for sports management careers in the state of South Carolina, and sports management career opportunities have begun to decline since 2009. However, according to our career analysis conducted through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics individuals looking to make a career in sports management still have a wide range of opportunities for not only managing but also teaching, coaching, physical therapy, and more. Some top employers are universities including University of South Carolina, and Clemson. Other opportunities may be found in P-12 public schools, preschools, parks and recreation facilities, athletic training facilities, and particularly sports-related injury treatment and rehabilitation centers. South Carolina is known for swimming, surfing, deep sea fishing, and other outdoor sports. As the climate varies in South Carolina, individuals will find opportunities throughout the year and in some places Summer sports continue well into the Winter. Golf is also an extremely popular sport in South Carolina! Marketing and communication positions are available as a foot-in-the door approach to sports management careers. As competition is fierce, individuals looking for career opportunities with professional sports establishments may consider entering through other pro-sports initiatives such as internships, sports camps, and outreach. The best place to check for South Carolina is actually in North Carolina has no major professional franchises. Do check out the Charlotte Hornets, and Carolina Panthers for such opportunities.

Earning Percentiles for Sports Management Professionals in South Carolina

Over a five-year period, South Carolina has seen a slight decline in sports management careers. However, as the availability for jobs in sports management has decreased salaries have increased over that same five-year period. In fact, over a 5 year period there has been an 7% growth in salary-well above the national average. By way of comparison, the Department of Numbers lists the average mean income per capita for South Carolina as $47,238 whereas sports management-related fields average $71,530. This indicates that sports management opportunities in South Carolina are available at a figures around the 50th percentile. What this could indicate is that positions available include both a higher number of upper-level sports management positions, higher paid position in physical therapy, and wages that are generally higher than average when compared to other field in the state. Combined with ancillary sports management fields, college sports, sea fishing, major professional sports, as well as the vast range of physical therapy and sports-related industry professions, if you live in The Palmetto State, then these consideration will help you navigate your career in the field of sports management.

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Top Sports Management Degree Programs: SC

While there are a variety of top schools offering a range of sports management-related degrees online in South Carolina, students will first and foremost want to consider the exact degree type they're interested in pursuing. We've chosen out our three "recommended" schools for South Carolina below, but aspiring students should keep in mind that not each of these universities will necessarily have a program of study that can lead directly to the particular sports management career of your choice. If you're already set on pursuing sports management-related schooling in the state of South Carolina, we advise you to not only consult out ranking of top schools below, but also peruse our database of all sports management-related programs in So below. While there are additional benefits of pursuing an online degree in your own state (in-state tuition, and the ability to take classes or intensives in person), future students should also note that there are many online programs available nationwide, and consult our wide-ranging rankings for the top online sports management schools in the nation.

With that said, there are many top South Carolina-based programs available entirely online. We've selected our top three through equally weighting two metrics: the number of sports-management related degrees available online through the institution, and the academic prestige of the given institution.

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SC Sports Management Degree Database

University of South Carolina-Columbia Columbia, SC Online SM Degrees: 2

(803) 777-0169
Columbia, SC 29208

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion


  • Master of Public Health in Health Promotion, Education And Behavior
York Technical College Rock Hill, SC Online SM Degrees: 1

(803) 327-8000
452 S Anderson Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730


  • Master of Science (Nonthesis) Parks, Recreation, And Tourism Management
Clemson University Clemson, SC Online SM Degrees: 1

(864) 656-3311
Clemson, SC 29634


  • Masters in Athletic Leadership Masters in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management