What Is The Average Salary Of Someone With A Sports Management Degree?

One thing to consider when getting a sports management degree is the careers available. Each career path will require you to obtain specific knowledge during your sports management degree, so it’s necessary to start planning ahead while you are studying. Since the salary of sports management career paths varies tremendously, it’s definitely a consideration in choosing a job. Here are some examples of the salaries you can expect with different sports management jobs.

Sports Facility Director

A sports facility director may choose to work in a collegiate setting or at a private gym. Individuals working in academic settings make the most money, but these jobs are the hardest to break into. For those working in private gyms, a salary of 50k+ is expected. For individuals working in a more prestigious facility or a major university, salaries can soar up to 100K. A master’s degree in sports management is advisable for this career track.

Sports Broadcaster

A person involved in sports communication often makes a better salary than others with a sports management degree. These individuals usually have high-pressure jobs that require them to think on their feet. They are the face of their companies, and so their image is extremely important. For sports broadcasters and those with a public face, a salary of at least 80K can be expected in a high profile company. For the people behind the scenes in sports communication, a salary of 60K is average.

Sports Agent

A sports agent’s salary depends largely on his or her success. Since the trajectory of a sports agent’s career depends on how well the agent’s players do, a sports agent can be at the top of the pay scale or the bottom. Top sports agents can make well over 100K, while unsuccessful ones can scrape by with 30K or less. For the best chance at success, obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in sports management.

Recreational Workers

Recreational workers are some of the lowest paid in the sports management fields. These employees are responsible for the day-to-day operations of public fitness facilities such as gyms and community pools. An expected salary hovers around 20K. However, these jobs are some of the easiest positions for entry level workers to obtain, so many individuals interested in sports related careers start here. The educational requirements are also less stringent, and a degree may not be necessary.

Program Director

Program directors are in charge of recreational and sporting activities for a specific program. These type of jobs can be found in city recreational departments, at educational facilities, and at private recreational institutions. The occupation requires knowledge of a broad range of activities and the ability to plan and oversee sporting events. The salary varies widely on the program; smaller program pay about 40K+ while a larger program might pay up to 60K.

Athletic Trainer

An athletic trainer job is not simply about the salary. The ability to personally affect another athlete’s skills is one major benefit. Athletic trainers benefit from better fitness and they are always up to date on new ways to improve their clients’ training as well as their own training. For these reasons, many athletic trainers are very satisfied with their jobs. However, most athletic trainers make a very average salary, with the median being around 40K. Individuals with their own training businesses might make a lot more or a lot less, depending on how successful they are at attracting clients.

The amount of money you can make in sports management varies based on which career path you follow. As with most fields, a higher salary can come with some disadvantages such as a more stressful setting, more hours, and less flexibility. Lower paying careers in the sports management track are still popular because they allow for more of a personal life. No matter which track you choose, it’s important to focus on the skills needed for your chosen career path during your studies. Obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree in sports management will help you to find a well paying job in this field.