What Can I Do With A Sports Management Degree?

Anyone with an interest in sports, finance, management and leadership should consider a sports management degree and career. After completing such schooling, there is a world of opportunity available. This is a chance to not only work with athletes but also see the corporate and business side of the sports world. Passionate individuals can find great opportunities in the intercollegiate or professional sports industries.

Recommended Sports Management Programs

The Sports Management Degree

While pursuing a sports management degree, students can expect to take a wide range of classes to better understand the industry. People not only need to understand sports and health but also marketing, accounting, economics, business and more. The top ranked sports management degree programs will ensure that people can understand how to make use of the latest marketing and technology techniques and better understand the ins and outs of sports marketing, law, finance and management. After all, sports is as much marketing events and refining a brand as it is about working with players and scheduling games and events.

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Types of Sports Management Degrees

Sports management is all about understanding how to apply business and marketing techniques to the sports world. This is a chance to manage everything from the marketing and finance of a sports group to the management of actual teams and arenas. Most of these positions require not only a bachelor’s degree and experience but possible even a masters and doctoral level degree. If people want to become sports agents or lawyers, then a law degree may also be a worthwhile investment. A general rule is that the more educated, experienced and connected a person is, the easier it will be to secure a job.

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Sports Management Jobs

Sports management degrees can lead to a variety of jobs. For example, some people go on to lead community and after-school sports- programs. Other people will go on to work for academic services in high schools or colleges. Other options include working for professional sporting groups in the marketing, health, promotions and compliance sectors. There are even fitness- and health-focused positions for people who want to work directly with the athletes. Some people take their sports management degrees and head into retail: representing sporting goods stores and more. Interested students need to consider their interests when looking for careers in the sports world. There is something for everyone. Narrowing down interests makes it easier to sift through the job boards and availabilities.

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Sports Management Internships

Students both in and out of school can get their foot in the door of most sports programs, businesses and teams by interning. Some of these positions are paid whereas others are unpaid. This is a chance for people to make an impact on leaders in the sports management industry. Interns could do everything from sell goods and tickets to filing in the office of an important coach or manager. Other interns may work on marketing and website copy or could end up in the accounting office. Performing at a high level gets interns noticed, which could lead to a permanent position.

Responsibilities of Different Positions

Duties will vary according to the job and organization. A lot of sports happen during non-traditional times like the weekends and evenings. Thus, anyone looking into this type of degree or industry should expect weekend hours and late evenings. The sporting world relies on tickets. Thus, no matter the position, a basic understanding of business, marketing and finance will be important. Most employees should also understand sports law, event management and how to understand the publicity world. Anyone in an academic field should understand National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requirements.

Salary Expectations for Sports Management Professionals

As with any career, there are different tiers or levels. Directors of marketing in the professional sports world could make over $100,000 whereas an entry level position in the academic world could begin at $25,000. Middle-level jobs like an athletic trainer can earn a person around $50,000 whereas the director of an academic program can expect to make double this. Some people, like sports agents and lawyers, have a set salary but earn the bulk of their money through bonuses and commission. A person’s experience and the prestige of the program or organization will affect salary expectations.

Benefits of a Sports Management Career

There are many benefits to a sports management career. Not only do people get to work in a field they love but they also get to meet industry leads: everyone from talented athletes and managers to brilliant executives and marketing heads. Health and dental insurance in this industry also tend to be excellent. Most people often score discounted tickets to major sporting events, apparel and more.

The Future of Sports Management

The sports management industry may be competitive but it is also thriving. Professional sporting groups pull in billions of dollars every year. There are many sports-related careers out there: from the academic and professional to community-related, arena management and retail. Motivated students need to use their degrees to find the right niche for them.

Whether looking for a public relations, recruiting, managing, or coaching position, motivated students need to be proactive if they want to secure their dream job. This means learning as much about the sports management world as is possible. Competition is fierce for the top management and executive positions. However, people who are willing to work their way up and get the necessary education and experience can find great positions that suit their talents. A sports management degree prepares people for the next steps.