Top Entry Level Sports Management Jobs

Once you graduate from your sports management degree program, it will be time to choose an entry level position. Your first position can set up the path that you’ll follow through your entire career, so it’s important to choose carefully. There are many types of entry level sports management careers that will allow you to build the skills and reputation you will need to move to the next level in your career. Here are some top entry level sports management jobs to consider post graduation.


Sales positions make great entry level career starters because they require less experience and more personality. Once you prove that you are a successful salesman, you may be able to move up to a higher position in the company with more responsibility. Sales positions can be lucrative if you excel at the job, and they can help build your marketing and finance skill set.

Facility Staff

Starting in a low level position at the facility of your interest is one of the best old-fashioned ways to get promoted. You may start as a facility operator or other casual staff member. As you build a relationship with the managers and prove your knowledge in sports management, you will be able to move up to a higher position. This approach is recommended most if you want to work for a specific company that doesn’t have many advertised openings; you will be able to move through the ranks using this approach. However, if you don’t have a specific company set in mind, you might be better off reaching for a higher position even as an entry level employee.


An internship in your chosen profession may give you a foot in the door for a full time position. Many companies hire interns for marketing, public relations, finance, and planning. The location of your internship will vary, but you can choose to look for a position in a sporting facility, a marketing firm, or a recreational department. The pay may be lacking, but this option is a surefire way to catch the attention of a company who is looking for fresh talent. Here is some more information about the best entry level jobs in sports management, including internships:

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communications firms often hire entry level employees to do handle some of the more menial tasks of the company. You may feel like an office errand runner at first, but if you have good ideas you will soon be recognized and promoted. Success in moving up the ladder in these positions depends on the relationships you form with your bosses, and in the ideas you bring to the table. Potential positions that can result from an entry level start in marketing and communications include PR managers, on-air talent, and high-level marketing executives.

Finding a Job Post Graduation

When you begin to look at these or other entry level positions, it can be overwhelming. The first step is to compile a list of interesting job openings and apply. Online job search websites and classified pages can be good sources of information. Also, contact facilities that you are interested in working for; they may allow you to send in an application even if they are not currently hiring.

Employers look for a few things in entry level sports management graduates. First, they want to see a wide knowledge of the sporting world. Second, they need to see examples of your leadership potential; prove that you can apply good management and business techniques to your work. Third, they want to see that you can think critically about how to make a sports program better. This will mean that you need to be able to apply what you’ve learned in your degree.

Finding your first sports management position will require some research and a lot of effort. Make sure to put in the extra time to find a good position. Where you start in your sports management career will affect where you can go in the future.