Are There Prerequisites For Earning A Sports Management Degree?

For those who love fitness and want to make a career out of it, a sports management degree is a smart choice. Just a few examples of the diverse job titles open to graduates of this program include sports facility managers, sports agents, sports broadcasters, and public relations managers for a sports team. Getting this far requires you to complete a degree program and, even before that, to get accepted. Here is what you need to know about entering a program in sports management.

What are the Prerequisites for a Sports Management Degree?

The general entry point for a career in sports management is a bachelor’s degree in the field. Universities that offer the program have their own requirements. Check with the university that interests you to get information on their entrance requirements; this type of information can usually be found on the department’s website. As an example, here are the requirements for Brock University’s sports management program.

Generally, there are only a few requirements for entry into a sports management program. These are meant to ensure that the student is prepared for the coursework and complete it on time. Since many universities do not have students declare a major until the end of their first year or beginning of the second year, many sports management programs have prerequisite courses you must take before entering the program. These might include general health courses or business courses that will prepare you to enter the program.

Sometimes, students must enter the program already having taken some basic sports management courses in their freshman year. This shows the university that the student is serious about the program, knows what he or she is getting into, and can handle coursework in the field. For the last of those reasons, universities often require a minimum grade point average for courses already taken within the field.

Getting Accepted to the Program

After checking to make sure that you meet the requirements of the sports management program, you may need to prepare an application. Be ready to collect copies of your transcript to send to the department. A personal essay is required for entry on rare occasions. Most universities automatically accept concentrators to the field based on their acceptance to the overall university.

On rarer occasions, each department in the university may require an application. This happens in universities where certain departments are strongly favored over others, and programs can only accept the applicants they feel will be most successful in the program. In cases where a department is selective, essays and other credentials may be evaluated along with the prerequisites. In this situation, a strong background relating to sports or business would be helpful. Putting together a resume that emphasizes your sports background is key.

You can create a strong application by putting a lot of thought into all of your application materials. Show that you have a true passion for sports management, but also the intelligence to back up your studies. An experience with a wide range of sporting activities will be favorable for you; sports management careers often require a knowledge of a range of sports. Also, past leadership roles will help your application stand out of the pile. Highlight these in your essays and in your resume. If your program requires an recommendation, choose someone who either knows you in a sporting capacity or someone who has seen you shine in a leadership role. Your dedication to the field will be obvious if you are careful to portray yourself well.

In any case, your acceptance to a sports management program is only the first step. The coursework will be diverse, so you will need to become well read in several fields. In the end, you will come out of the program with an in depth knowledge of sports management.