How to Choose a Sports Management Degree Program

An interest in sports management means that one day, you might be working with one of the most well-known teams in the world, or you could head a local sports team that your children or some high school students play on. In any case, follow these steps to choosing the right type of program.

Recommended Sports Management Programs

What to Look For

Basically, you want to make sure you are selecting a school that offers a range of classes. Of course, like many fields, sports management has some subsections, and you want to ensure that these sections relate to the particular field that you are studying. You should also check for a degree in sports management, not just classes in the field. In order to have the specific job you want, it is supremely helpful to have a degree in sports management as opposed to only a background.

The Sports Management Program and Level You Want

It’s also important to make sure they have tracks in the specific discipline you want to study and see if any co-majors are available. For example, you might be interested in a degree that allows you to combine sports management and sports journalism. Additionally, find out what degree levels are available. For example, are you planning to obtain and associates or a masters degree in the field?

Pick a School with Accreditation

If you choose a school that does not have accreditation, you are putting yourself at a serious risk. Most jobs are not even going to consider your diploma valid if your school is not one of institutions that has accreditation. Most of the colleges and universities that you see are not going to present you with this problem. However, remember, it is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to check into this component before you make the final decision.

Times of Classes

Now, in the event that you are enrolling full-time in school and do not plan to have any other obligations, the times at which the classes are offered is likely not of huge concern to you. Perhaps you are a parent who is returning to school after a period of absence; you’ll want to make sure that the class schedule matches up with your lifestyle. In some situations, you will have to shift your schedule around, but job obligations and familial obligations can often not be changed. Try to get a sense of when classes are going to be scheduled in the future as well.

Read the Course Descriptions

You should also be aware of what the curriculum entails at this particular school. Do not just assume that all sports management programs are the same across the country. Each school might have its own set of classes that you are going to have to take. Be sure to take the other classes, aside from sports management, into account as well. You will likely need to take classes in math, science, writing and other disciplines in order to successfully complete your degree. Check to see if transfer credits are accepted.

The Program Reputation

While your job is not solely determined on the reputation of the school you attend, it could certainly have some influence. Get a sense of how this particular school is viewed in the world of sports management at large, so you know if it could possibly hinder or help your chances of being accepted into a certain position once you graduation.

Sports Management Internships and Jobs

We can couple these two categories together because internships often lead to job opportunities. Speak with the department to find out what types of internship opportunities the school offers and where these opportunities take place. It would also be wise to talk to students who recently graduated from the school to find out if the internships really helped them and if they were able to find a job with the help of the career center.

Location of the School

While location does not matter for all degrees, sports management is one where it can definitely have an impact. For example, schools that are located near big cities are more likely to have connections with some professional or semi-professional teams than is a school in a very rural area.

Online Courses

When you have a very busy schedule, taking online classes can be of major help to you, so you should find out if they are a possibility at the school. You will likely still need to work off-line for your internship opportunities, so be sure to find out about any residency requirements.