Do I Need An Internship As Part Of A Sports Management Degree?

Sports management is an exciting field that offers a variety of job opportunities. If you are thinking about pursuing a sports management degree, will you need an internship as part of the degree process? For many students, the answer to that question is yes.

Most Schools Require An Internship Or Practicum

Schools large and small generally require that students have practical working experience before they graduate. While there is a lot that you can learn about managing a facility or being a player agent in the classroom, nothing is better than real life experience. If your school doesn’t require you to get an internship, you should strongly consider getting one anyway.

It’s All About Who You Know

In the sports world, who you know is just as important as what you know. Working as an intern for a local hockey team could lead to a connection with players, coaches or front office workers for that team. When a player or coach moves on, he or she could recommend you for a higher level job in the future. If you want to be a coach or front office member of a sports team, it is important to be in someone’s inner circle. Many coaches and management personnel get their jobs because the person doing the hiring is familiar and comfortable with what that coach or manager brings to the table.

Where Do You Find Internships?

If you need an internship sports management degree opportunity, where do you find it? Most students are going to find internships through professors or counselors. In some cases, you may be personally recommended for an internship by someone at your school. Many sports teams hold training camps or other activities at local colleges. This can be your way to get an internship with the New York Jets or the Buffalo Bills if you don’t want to settle for working with a local or minor league team.

What You Need To Know As An Intern

Those who do get an internship with a sports team should understand that they will be asked to work long hours for little or no pay. Many teams use their interns to drive players or coaches to and from the airport, run errands or work as a part of the field crew. However, the reward for that hard work is a personal connection with a player or coach who can be used as a reference on a job application in the future.

It should not be considered optional to get an internship if you are going to be a sports management major. Whether you school requires one or not, an internship provides too many valuable experiences and connections to be skipped over. Therefore, start looking for internships in your area as soon as you declare as a sports management major.